Accepting an insurance company’s offer is the easiest letter you’ll have to write, but there are still some things to keep in mind.

One, make sure you include the important information on the letter. This includes your name, the date of the accident, the other driver’s name, and the claim number the insurance company assigned.

Two, repeat their settlement offer in your letter to document it. Do so clearly, in both numbers and spelled out for clarity.

Send it to the insurance adjuster who made the offer.

If you received a good settlement offer, then congratulations!

But maybe you’ve gotten an offer and don’t really know if it’s a good offer or not. Maybe you’re pretty sure it’s bad, or maybe you haven’t yet contacted the insurance company about your diminished value claim.

If you’d like some help going through this process, a Car Crash Kit can provide you with form letters that include relevant Arizona case law and statutes. Also, included in your Car Crash Kit will be directions, suggestions on how to respond to common insurance company arguments, and how to settle your diminished value claim after you receive a fair settlement offer. The cost for a Car Crash Solo is only $19 and can help you recover hundreds to thousands of dollars more in compensation.

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