Why Car Crash Kit?

Founder Kim R. Brown, an Arizona Attorney with over 25 years of experience in Personal Injury Law, noticed two problems with property damage claims: One, insurance companies often failed to pay full value for claims, and two, most customers weren’t able to hire a lawyer if they only had a property damage claim. 

Lawyers get far better results when dealing with insurance companies than customers, because they know the law, understand the system, can produce documents that get results, and can file lawsuits to force the insurance companies to pay claims. However, lawyers only assist their clients with property damage problems in combination with a personal injury claim. Therefore, if a customer is not seriously injured, then the total monetary value of the accident is not enough to hire a lawyer. 

This situation always bothered Kim, because she saw first-hand how financially damaging an only property damage claim can be, and also how the insurance companies take advantage of customers who aren’t represented by an attorney in order to gain more profits for themselves. 

Kim created Car Crash Kit to assist these customers, by providing the knowledge, documents, and step-by-step process to receive full value for a Diminished Value Claim and deal with the insurance companies. 

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